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Proper Lifting Techniques to Avoid Back Pain

Proper Lifting Techniques to Avoid Back Pain

Lifting heavy objects is something we all do at least once in a while. You may have a job that requires you to do it regularly, or you might be moving heavy furniture in your house, but you need to know the proper techniques to lift these objects safely.

If you lift a heavy object incorrectly, you can easily injure yourself, causing severe back pain or even ending up in surgery. Here, we’ll discuss some proper lifting techniques to help ensure you keep your back and body safe!

What to Be Aware of When Lifting Heavy Objects

Warm Up First

Before you lift anything, it’s vital to warm up your muscles. This loosens them up and prepares them for the work they are about to carry out. By stretching your legs, arms, neck, and back, you reduce the risk of severe injury to your muscles.

Use Knee Bend Technique

When lifting, the knee bend method where you spread your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees while keeping your back straight is the safest way to lift. From here, grab onto the object with both hands, and let your legs do the lifting up.

Avoid Twisting

One common mistake people make while lifting is twisting their bodies. Don’t twist your back to move or place an object. Doing this can cause strain to your back muscles and lead to severe pain. Instead, lift and swivel the object by moving your feet. This takes the pressure off of your back.

Seek Help for Heavy Objects

Lifting heavy objects alone can be dangerous. If possible, get someone to help you lift anything that’s too heavy for one person to carry. Holding an object that you cannot carry safely increases the possibility of serious back injury.

Mind Your Posture

Proper posture when lifting is critical. When carrying something, keep your core muscles tight, your chin up, and your shoulders back. Tighten your abs to support your lower back and avoid any sudden or jerky movements. Moving slowly and deliberately up and down keeps your balance and prevents injury.

Chiropractic Services in Beaverton, Oregon

Lifting doesn’t have to be dangerous. By applying proper lifting techniques as discussed above, you can lower your risk for back injury and keep your body safe while doing the heavy lifting. Keep in mind to always put your safety and health first. In case you feel any pain while lifting, stop immediately and seek medical attention if needed.

If you do hurt your back from lifting, a chiropractor can help. Walker Road Chiropractic offers chiropractic services in Beaverton, Oregon. You can reach us online or at (503) 439-9494.

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