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As part of his practical approach to holistic chiropractic care, Dr. Gard provides on-site rehab services as well as helpful at-home exercises to help you continue the healing process and improve your quality of life.

Experience the Benefits of Pilates Rehab Therapy
The Pilates method uses exercises that restore and maintain your natural body structure, including strengthening and rebalancing muscles that support joints. Rehab is especially helpful to maintain healthy changes of a chiropractic adjustment, as the body will often try to return to an incorrect posturing or movement pattern. Rehab helps retrain your body!

Our skilled staff use floor-mat exercises and/or an interactive piece of equipment, The Pilates Clinical Reformer®, to help with safe and effective rehab. Guiding a person through proper exercise movements that strengthen and gently stretch muscles and joints, the staff member will also help you focus on these five important rehab principles:

  • Breathing: helps expand the rib cage, frees the shoulders to lift, and promotes ideal oxygenation needed for exercise.
  • Pelvic Placement: helps stabilize and return the lower back and pelvis to a healthy, natural position.
  • Rib Cage Placement: affects the alignment of the upper (thoracic) spine and can improve breathing and overhead-arm movement.
  • Scapular (shoulder) movement: helps avoid strain through the neck and upper shoulders.
  • Head and cervical spine placement: helps return the natural holding position of the neck with the head balancing directly above the shoulders when sitting, lying, and standing

Practice Effective Rehab by Using Pilates Equipment
As quickly mentioned above, skilled rehab staff will lead you through specific Pilates exercises using the Pilates Clinical Reformer and/or comfortable mats on the floor.

The Reformer uses a gliding carriage system that provides the appropriate resistance for various exercises and positions. (Read more about the machine at Mat exercises may also incorporate additional helpful props, such as the stability ball, mini stability ball, toning balls, FlexBand, Fitness Circle, and more.

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