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Dr. Gard and the Walker Road Chiropractic Team

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Thanks Dr. Gard!


Dr. Gard has helped me make some very significant improvements in my recovery a very serious motorcycle accident in 2010.

-Paul G.

I feel great!


I was skeptical at first with Dr. Gard’s techniques but I immediately felt the difference after the first adjustment. He’s not just a “back cracker”, he urges you to take care of yourself and protect the investment that both you and he is making. Stretching, walking, and other activities to keep you healthy.


Truly Wanted to Help Me


All of the staff was very professional and nice. I was having stiffness in my neck and shoulders, but Dr. Gard didn’t just look at that he really took time with to check out my whole body. He took his time explaining to me what the problem was and reasons why it happened and explained everything he was going to do before he did it. He slowly made my appointments further apart as I felt better, so I know he wasn’t just bringing me in to make more money. I really felt like he truly wanted to help me and when I was better he was sincerely happy, even though it meant he wasn’t booking more appointments. I find that is sometimes really hard to find doctors that truly care about your health and helping you. Dr. Gard definitely did that for me, I would recommend him to anyone.

-Sandra W.

Living life normally again


I re-injured an old hip injury from my 20s that I had ignored until it got better on its own. This time, the injury got worse and worse until both hips hurt and I was almost immobile. Within a couple visits with Dr. Gard the pain was reduced by 80% and I’m now able to exercise and live a normal life. I still have some small kinks to occasionally work out, but overall I’m not in constant pain and it’s amazing.

-Rhianna Smith

With Dr. Gard’s help, I competed in the Portland Fighting Fillies Inaugural season injury free!


No great task is every accomplished alone. It takes a team to move the ball down the field, and it takes a team to keep an athlete in top condition. With Dr. Gard’s help, I competed in the Portland Fighting Fillies Inaugural season injury free!

-Karla F.

More than just a Chiropractor


Dr. Gard is so much more than just a Chiropractor. He listens to your body before doing the adjustments. This allows your body to respond to the treatment and makes the long drive from Vancouver to Beaverton well worth the time and gas money it takes. I highly recommend you make your next appointment with Dr. Gard. Your body will thank you.

-Margie D

I made Team USA!


Thanks to Dr. Gard I achieved a position with Team USA to represent in the World Dragonboat Championship in China! I started with severe low back pain due to the repetitive nature if training. He got me back on track to compete at the international level. I would highly recommend him to athletes. I appreciated the time he too to talk through my training and provide targeted treatment to get me back on the water!
Nattie B.

-Nattie Blue

Great service all around


Dr Simone is an angel in my life. She was the first person to listen to me and understand my pain.
The whole office is 5star

-Marie Louise Deschamps Gillespie

I’ll feel easier movement and more relaxed every time!


Dr. Gard is an excellent chiropractor. His adjustments are very effective and painless. I have seen him for several years now when I’m in town (I travel a lot) and I always feel better after his treatments. Many times I go in for a tune up even when I’m not in pain. Amazingly, I walk out feeling even better than when I went in. I’ll feel easier movement and more relaxed every time.

He is also very pleasant to be around and doesn’t push me to do or buy stuff I don’t necessarily need. On the other hand, if he thinks I need something (a treatment or supplement) he is not afraid to recommend it. He is very knowledgeable about nutrition and overall body function.

Whether you are in pain or just looking for better health, I strongly recommend Dr. Gard.


New Lease on Life


I can’t thank Dr. Zane Gard (Walker Road Chiropractic) enough. In a three months period, he not only gave me a “New Lease on Life”, I actually own my life once again!

For a year, I suffered daily with sciatic pain from working as a chef in fishing lodges; the pain was so bad I could not sleep more than a few hours a night. On top of the Sciatica pain, I was in a vehicle accident. Over the course of a year’s time, I saw three different medical doctors and went through physical therapy. Nothing worked until I moved to the Portland area and was referred to Dr. Gard.

I also had severe TMJ from clenching my teeth while sleeping at night (due to a prior vehicle accident and the constant pain I was under). Dr Gard gave me adjustments on my jaw and my dentist was astonished when I went back for a check up, and my jaw was back in place.

I am living proof that ancient medicine in many cases works better than modern medicine. I am off Naproxen and Ambien for the first time in a year. I am back to wade fishing and hiking. Two activates I love, that just two months ago, I did not think I would be able to enjoy again


Chiropractic & Nutrition help minimize Autism symptoms


Dr. Gard has done life altering, amazing things for my son – at age 2 he found the need for Methylcolabamin B12 in him and his slight symptoms of autism (lack of emotional connection, rigid body and speaking delays) disappeared within 2 weeks from only a small daily dose in his juice.

He is amazing! The technique he uses – Applied Kinesiology – may seem different to some folks, but it truly WORKS! If you hurt, he is the Doctor to see.


Simply the BEST!


I’ve always been skeptical about going to a chiropractor but I was told I had to have back surgery so I went to see Dr Gard. No surgery and no back pain for 2.5 years now. My sessions with Dr Gard has not only helped my back but my entire body is aligned. He’s fantastic and so is his staff. First class service by all. I highly recommend a visit to Dr Gard.

-Derek Hahm

First Class Service!


This office has earned my loyalty and business long term. Melany is usually working the front desk and has always been organized, outgoing, and efficient when working with me. Dr. Gard is also a master of his craft! He’s personable, professional, and has given me amazing results with my injuries. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone who wants first class service and longer term improvement!


Back issues


Working in construction there are problems that occur from time to time Dr Gard has always helped faster than other doctors in Seattle area that’s why I drive here to see him. He is the best!

-Robert DuPree

Dr Gard


I was being awoken with burning down my arms every night. After 6 visits, this was resolved and I felt better overall

-Kristine Lau

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