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When You Are in a Car Accident: What to Do Now?

When You Are in a Car Accident: What to Do Now?

After Car Accident Check List by Chiropractor 

First, you should remain in your car until you are certain that it is safe to get out. If your car is still in relatively good condition, drive it to the side of the road to avoid getting struck again. If the damage to your car is extensive and you are unable to drive or exit your car, call 911 for assistance. In either case, turn off your engine as soon as possible.

If possible and necessary, assist injured persons until help arrives. Do not be afraid to help people in need. The Good Samaritan Laws protects you from legal action if you attempt to render first aid. Remember the basic ABCs when administering care: Airway, Breathing, and Circulation. Always make sure to stop any major bleeding while waiting for help to arrive.

Protecting yourself

Be prepared for the fact that you may be cited for causing a collision even though you may feel that you were not at fault. You may even find yourself with a lawsuit against you.

In order to protect yourself here are some basic recommendations:

  • Get information from witnesses including their name, phone number, address and brief statements. This will be helpful later if the police, judge or lawyer wishes to have this information.
  • Make sure to get information from all parties involved even if there is no damage to their cars. If anyone tries to hastily leave the scene this is especially important to do.
  • If you have a cellphone, take pictures of the crash scene, skid marks, and all vehicles involved. Make sure to sketch out a diagram of the crash scene as soon as you can.
  • Remember to be courteous and helpful to law enforcement when they arrive. Have ready your ID, registration, current address, insurance company, and policy number.

Information You Need to Know for Later

Just because the police come, that does not guarantee that a police report will be filed. This is why collecting information is so important.

Be sure to gather the following information:

  • Time and Date of the Collision
  • Location including the direction of travel, what lane you were in and the closest street address
  • Information from the other drivers involved including:
    • Address and Phone Number
    • Driver’s License number and state of issue
    • Insurance company’s name along with the name of their insurance agent, their policy number and the date of expiration, and the policy holders name and address if different than the driver
  • Names and addresses of the passengers involved in the crash
  • Description of the vehicles involved including:
    • Make, model, and year
    • License Plate number & State
  • The names of the police officers and badge numbers, if applicable
  • Injuries to yourself and others

auto accidentThe state of Oregon requires you to notify the local police department of your accident so that a police report can be filed. If you had to call 911, it is unnecessary to report the collision. You must then file an Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report with your local DMV within 72 hours of the collision.

Additional information can be found at: Oregon DMV Post-Accident check list .

It is not unusual to feel fine after a car crash. This is because many symptoms of whiplash and other injuries do not come on until 24-72 hours after the initial injury. Common symptoms include neck or back pain, headaches, general soreness, and many more. It you are advised to go the emergency room by the police or medical professionals at the scene, do so. If not, it is a good idea to receive a check up from your regular doctor within the next few days.

If you have been in a car crash make sure to schedule your appointment with the doctors at Walker Road Chiropractic today! Ph (503) 439-9494

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