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Proper Lifting Techniques for Spinal Health

Proper Lifting Techniques for Spinal Health

Back pain can occur for many reasons. It may originate from an injury, bad posture, or a health issue. However, for many people who work labor jobs, lifting techniques can be the source of back pain. It is important to know proper lifting techniques to avoid compressing your spinal discs. Continue reading to learn proper lifting techniques from a chiropractor.

Proper Lifting Techniques from a Chiropractor

Maintain a wide base of support

Proper lifting techniques starts with a wide base of support. Your legs should be shoulder width apart with one foot slightly in front of the other.


Your quads are the strongest muscles in your body. To lift the object, squat down bending at the hips and knees. Grasp the object in the squat position.

Good Posture

After you have grasped the object, make sure you have good posture. Your chest should be lifted with your shoulders rolled back. This keeps your upper back straight.


Now you are ready to lift. The lift should be done slowly, maintaining good posture. Push through your legs, straightening your knees and hips.

Lead with Your Feet

Lead with your feet to change directions. You should take small steps. Keep your shoulders in line with your hips as you move. Don’t swivel your back.

Lower the Load

To set down the object, bend with your knees through the squat position.

Improper lifting techniques can cause long-term damage to your spine and ligaments. If you are in pain from lifting, contact a chiropractor. Walker Road Chiropractic can help in Beaverton, Oregon. Contact us today!



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