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Can Beaverton Chiropractors Relieve Turf Toe?

Can Beaverton Chiropractors Relieve Turf Toe?

As seasoned Beaverton chiropractors, we know that sometimes it’s the most common, simple injuries that can cause the most disruption in our patients’ lives. Turf toe is one of them, and yes, a chiropractor can greatly assist with relieving the pain that comes with it!

Our Beaverton Chiropractors Can Help Turf Toe

No matter how big and strong a person is, if they have an injury that involves their feet (or even just one foot!) it can sit them down in an instant. There is no pain quite like foot pain, especially if you are someone who regularly stands for long periods of time at work.

Many times, an injury may be something very common that actually feels much more serious than it really is, being that the pain may be quite sharp and in a place on your body that supports much of your overall body weight. One of these injuries is called turf toe, and, just because the name has the term “turf” in it (implying sports like football or soccer), it doesn’t mean that this is an injury that only athletes can get.

As pointed out by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, turf toe is an injury that mostly involves the big toe, and can happen when the foot is overused, cramped in uncomfortable shoes for long periods at a time, or slightly sprained. You may have turf toe if when you try to walk normally and push off using your big toe, you feel stiffness and discomfort to the point that you don’t want to walk far distances. 

Call Your Experienced Beaverton Chiropractors for Turf Toe

The pain and inflammation of turf toe can take a person out of work for days, and have athletes missing game after game if left untreated. That being said, if all of a sudden you feel symptoms that are similar to the ones mentioned above that are associated with turf toe, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Walker Road Chiropractic today. 




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