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What could a Chiropractor do for my Allergies?

What could a Chiropractor do for my Allergies?

About Allergies

Having an allergy is definitely a case where you’re not alone: one in every 10 Americans suffers from some type of allergy. Allergic reactions can be as mild as sneezing when you sniff a flower. But, they can also be life-threatening in people who are allergic to bee stings or certain drugs, such as penicillin. Whether mild, severe, or somewhere in between, however, most allergies have the same underlying cause.

Woman/girl in dandelion field with allergiesThe symptoms of an allergic response are triggered when the body’s infection-fighting (immune) system overreacts to the presence of something not normally found in the body — the most common allergy ‘triggers’ are pollen grains, dust, molds, and foods. Other triggers include animal proteins from hair, fur, or dander; substances that cause skin allergic reactions, such as the oils found on poison ivy leaves; and medicines, perfumes, even jewelry! Breathing problems and skin irritations are common allergic responses, along with sneezing, runny nose, congestion, itchy eyes, wheezing, skin redness, hives, and itchy skin. The allergy sufferer may have only one of these symptoms or many.

What can Chiropractic do for allergies?

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By releasing stress on the nervous system, chiropractic permits the immune system to function more effectively, which is beneficial to all allergy sufferers. A nervous system without stress functions more efficiently. Recent understanding in psychoneuroimmunology reveal that when the nervous system functions better the immune system benefits.
Chiropractors correct a basic cause of body malfunction to improve the function of your immune system. The chiropractic approach is to remove Vertebral Subluxation, a common spinal distortion that puts stress on your nervous system. Freed of nervous system stress, your body will work more effectively to neutralize the allergy-causing chemicals in your environment.

Dr. Zane Gard uses Standard Process nutritional supplements to also help you support your Immune system all year round.

A healthy spine is good for you!

Among the many  things contributing to your health like:  the quality of the air, food and water  you take in; how you handle emotional stress; your inherited weaknesses and strengths; your use of drugs; exercise; and relaxation—a healthy spine is absolutely essential.  In some people it is a major factor and can make the difference between a life of health, strength and vitality or a life of disease, weakness and disability.

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