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Therapeutic Massage

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage TherapyCombination of Chiropractic Care And Therapeutic Massage Therapy at Walker Road Chiropractic

Health problems due to various in-activities or lack of exercise are growing rapidly throughout the world and staying fit is a usually quite a challenge nowadays. With the advent of various treatment options, individuals often prefer seeking natural or non-invasive treatment options of the many modern ailments that cause a hindrance to their normal lifestyle. Among the various health care professions, chiropractic massage therapy specialist is one such professional that gives relief to many problems related to the neuro-musculo-skeletal system and other spinal disorders. Like podiatry and dentistry, chiropractic massage therapy should be considered as a medical specialty.

The main technique involved in this kind of chiropractic care treatment is manual massage therapy or in other words Chiropractic Massage Therapy. In this method, specialists (chiropractor) first diagnose the problems and then find their remedies that are mostly related to the joints, soft tissues and the spinal cord. Exercises and lifestyle counseling are also a part of Chiropractic Health Care treatment. However, special massage therapy and chiropractic health care complement each other very well and it is a proven fact that patients have greatly benefited from chiropractic massage therapy and consider it as the key to an overall successful cures.

It is fascinating to know how these two elements of massage therapy and chiropractic care and adjustment are so closely related. Studies as well as many proven field experience show that for all osteopathy and low back problems, moderate pressure applied properly has great healing effects. Chiropractic care and adjustments works in this particular direction. The method adopted by the chiropractor to relieve pain is essentially a moderate pressure or light massage on the affected areas. Hence chiropractic massage therapy has become one of the best non-invasive means of getting rid of back pain or neck pain and is a wonderful method of maintaining a healthy life style.

Massage Types:

Trigger point massage therapy- reduces tension of the muscles and re-setting the points that leads to relaxation. This works very well on people suffering from headaches or pain which affects the legs or arms.

The deep tissue massage therapy – Is given by a chiropractor and is recommended for injury treatment options. In this method of chiropractic massage therapy, deep and constant pressure is applied slowly and gradually increase as the muscles are being relaxed. It eliminates the tension of the muscles and reduces the pain spasms and slowly restores normal motion. Such specialized massage therapies are highly effective in treatment of post breast cancer operation recovery and also post-surgery problems in caesarean cases and joint repair.

The primary objective of the chiropractor is to find out the focal points of pain and through massage therapy reduce and cure the problems without the danger of invasive surgery.

Pregnancy Massage – Many women often suffer from cramps, lower back pain and spasms during pregnancy. In such a situation, chiropractic massage therapy is the best natural treatment option to the lady for relieving this pain because there are no medications and therefore no harmful side effects.

Sports athletes speak highly in favor of this special combination method of chiropractic massage therapy treatment. As a matter of fact most athletes have a great deal of pressure on their tissues and over-exercise is often the reason lead to serious pain.

Chiropractic Massage Therapy – Combination of Chiropractic Care And Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Chiropractic massage therapy can be very helpful for them to relive pain and also provide extra benefits:

a) improving range of motion;
b) tissue flexibility;
c) Muscle Relaxation
d) reduction in spasms and cramps that can inhibit a healthy lifestyle

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Sports massage of chiropractic massage therapy is thus highly recommended for the speedy recovery of athletes and female athletes especially after competitions and events. Special focus is given to the myofascial and the musculoskeletal elements of one’s body as every person experiences some sort of tension during special activities other than exerting oneself during participation. Chiropractic massage therapy provides accurate and precise pressure on the myofascial points to reduce as well as eliminate pain. It works very well on patients suffering from chronic pain or has difficulty in movements.

Myofascial release helps to restore movements. Passive stretching is another form of massage therapy. It helps to reduce pain as well as spasms of the muscles. It is however extremely important to know why chiropractors favor massage therapy as the best remedy for all kinds of pain. The main reason is that the two are intimately connected and examples will prove the utilities of chiropractic massage therapy.

It has been found that after chiropractic adjustments, if people had followed up the treatment with massage therapy they usually had a longer beneficial effect. Chiropractic Massage Therapy is a proven procedure on decreasing muscle tension. There is also visible improvement in flexibility and a long term benefit from this kind of chiropractic health care treatment. On the other hand, if potential patients go for massage therapies without the beneficial chiropractic adjustment, he or she is likely to experience the same problems very soon. Simple massage therapy offers temporary relief only. Experience chiropractors with necessary massage therapy knowledge treat the painful areas in their specific ways and if chiropractic massage therapy is done properly to correct or eliminate the causes of the problem before or as a follow up massage therapy treatment, the patients usually enjoys a much long lasting health benefit.

Chiropractors are mainly concerned with and deal with all problems related to the nervous system in which process they are involved in the alignment of the vertebral column and all other joints in one’s body. Massage therapists deal with the muscles and also the skeletal system. Hence it is obvious that they both complement each other. Clinical researches have shown that chiropractic massage therapy is one of the best means of treating stress and strain related problems that lead to various types of ailments in the various parts of the body. The positive impact of chiropractic massage is visible in the reduction of the stress in the muscles and nerves and the improvement in the circulatory system of the body including blood, lymph and also intestinal fluids leading to a pain-free and healthier life.

Many well-known scientists advocate the chiropractic treatment along with chiropractic massage therapy as the most effective and the safest non-invasive treatment option without medication. It is probably one of the best ever health and wellness plan one can implement easily. It is a close to “natural” way of caring for one’s health and relying on a person’s natural healing capacity to cure itself through the guidance of chiropractors and their specialized chiropractic massage therapy technique.

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